Creating A Beautiful Garage Door

What Kind Of Front Door Is Best For You?

When you choose a front door style, you're choosing both a major representation of your home decor skills as well as a major part of securing a home. The front door needs to have visual appeal as well as strength and durability, but how can you prove all of those points while looking through a showroom or on a website? Here are a few door selection points to help you decide on the best door to introduce your home to the world--or just to protect your inner world from the outside. Read More 

3 Signs That It’s Time To Buy A New Garage Door For Your Home

Ever since you bought your home, you might have never thought about buying a new garage door. However, even though a garage door can last for many years, there does finally come a time when it's time for it to be replaced. These are a few signs that it might be time to buy a new garage door from a place like Edison Overhead Door. 1. Your Door is Deteriorating Read More 

Simultaneous Open Sesame? How to Get Your Security Gates & Garage Door to Open Together

A device for this, a device for that; it drives people crazy when they have to have separate controls and separate devices to control simple things. Take security gates and garage doors, for example. If you have both, you probably have a remote for the gates and another remote for the garage door. Why can you not have a remote that controls both? Actually, in a way, you can.  Syncing the Signals Read More 

How To Keep Your Garage Door Working Great

Are you a homeowner with an automatic garage door? You may be looking for ways maintain it so that it will last for many years to come. Here are some tips for keeping the door in great condition, which involves routine maintenance you may not be aware that you need to do. Inspect The Door's Sensors Your home's garage door will have sensors that can prevent the door from working if they are not functioning properly. Read More 

Can’t Decide Between Repairing And Replacing Your Garage Door? Ask Yourself These Questions First

Choosing between repairing your existing garage door and replacing it with a brand-new door can be difficult for almost any homeowner. If you find yourself having to make this same choice, then you'll want to ask yourself a few important questions before making your final decision. How Old Is Your Garage Door? With proper maintenance, you can squeeze 30 years out of your current garage door. While some garage doors can go the distance, others may falter within a shorter span of time for a variety of reasons. Read More