3 Reasons To Choose A Belt-Driven Garage Door Opener

Automatic garage door openers come in all shapes and sizes, and while they all serve basically identical purposes, they use different mechanisms to open and close garage doors. Some garage door openers are fitted with robust chain drives or sophisticated screw mechanisms, but most homeowners will get the most benefit from a belt-driven garage door opener. Belt-driven garage door openers use flexible belts made from rubber, plastic, or fiberglass to transmit lifting and lowering forces to your garage door. Read More 

Tips To Follow If Your Garage Door Is Not Moving Properly

You probably don't spend a ton of time thinking about your garage door as it moves up and down, but it can quickly become a major problem if it stops working properly. You'll either not be able to get your car into your home or be unable to get your car back out onto the road. If your garage door is clearly having issues, here are some tips that might help. Read More 

Why Dents in Metal Garage Doors Need to Be Fixed Right Away

Metal garage doors, particularly those with multiple horizontal panels, only work when all of the panels are flat and functioning. A single big dent in one garage door panel creates so many problems. Here is why these dents in a metal garage door need to be repaired right away. Dents Prevent the Panels from Unfolding Garage doors unfold like a fan, both up and down. The panels have to be flat so that they can fold, and so that they can move up and down. Read More 

Does The Garage Door On Your Home Require A Major Overhaul? 3 Things To Discuss When Getting An Estimate On The Project

When you think about it, the garage door on your house is one of the main focal features, and you may enter and exit this area multiple times a day. Although proper care and garage door repair services help yours last up to a decade or more, there eventually comes a time when a major overhaul is necessary. In some cases, this may involve a simple garage door repair such as changing the spring, or it may be more involved such as installing a new door and opener. Read More 

2 Ideas To Help You Spruce Up Your Tired Garage Door

Is your garage door beginning to show its age? If you're tired of looking at that old garage door each day, it's time to give some serious consideration to making some changes. How far do you need to go to improve the appearance of your garage door? Here, you'll find a few ideas that will help you decide what to do to your garage door. Condition Before you go out and begin making any plans, you'll need to stop and look at the true condition of the garage door and all of the hardware. Read More