2 Ideas To Help You Spruce Up Your Tired Garage Door

Is your garage door beginning to show its age? If you're tired of looking at that old garage door each day, it's time to give some serious consideration to making some changes. How far do you need to go to improve the appearance of your garage door? Here, you'll find a few ideas that will help you decide what to do to your garage door. Condition Before you go out and begin making any plans, you'll need to stop and look at the true condition of the garage door and all of the hardware. Read More 

Why You Should Install An Overhead Door In Your Restaurant Kitchen

In your commercial kitchen, you might just have standard exterior doors that lead to the outside. This might seem to be sufficient, but if you have never talked to a commercial garage door installation professional about installing an overhead door in your restaurant kitchen, it might be something for you to think about. Even though you might typically associate these doors with home garages and mechanic's shops, they can actually be quite handy for a restaurant kitchen. Read More 

Signs Your Garage Door Springs Need Some Attention

Of all the parts that really make your garage doors function well, the springs are perhaps the trickiest to deal with. These metal marvels should last a long time, but if something goes wrong and you try to fix the springs yourself, you could end up injured. Granted, some repairs are minor and OK for most homeowners to do, but overall, if you've noticed any strange goings-on with your garage door springs, it's a sign you need to call a repair company. Read More 

3 Tips For An Easier Garage Door Installation

If your existing garage door has broken down for the last time and you are finally ready to obtain a new one, installing a new unit isn't always easy. However, if you have opted to install the new garage door as a DIY project, there are a few tips that might not make their way into the directions from the manufacturer. Therefore, you are likely to benefit enormously from the information shared below: Read More 

Garage Door Issues That Can Cause Squeaking Noises To Develop

A squeaky garage door is not only annoying, the noises can signify that a serious issue has developed. If you have used a lubricating spray to try to resolve the issue without a great deal of luck, then keep reading to learn what the issue may be and how you or your professional can complete a fix. Worn Rollers Squeaking and banging noises are often associated with worn rollers that are in need of replacement. Read More