When To Get Garage Door Springs Replacement

A garage door spring doesn't last forever; therefore, you should expect to replace the spring at some point. The longevity of a garage door spring depends on how often you move in and out of the garage. However, for the springs to last long, you should avoid rust and putting too much pressure on the springs. Here is a guide to tell whether there's a problem with your garage door springs.

Your Garage Door Has Balance Issues

If you notice that your garage door is unbalanced, the springs aren't offering sufficient tension to match the door's weight. It could also mean the springs are pressurizing the door.

One of the notable signs of balance issues is when the garage door opens and closes unevenly. Also, if the garage door takes a long time to open and close or makes strange sounds, the springs have balance issues. The spring may snap if you take too long before calling a garage door springs repair expert. This will result in the door crumbling down. 

You Cannot Rest the Door in the Mid-Level Position

Try disengaging the automatic garage door opener and manually raising the garage door by hand. The door should remain up without any issues if the springs are in excellent condition. However, if you need to hold the door up, you may need new door springs. Alternatively, try moving the door up mid-way. The garage door should remain in place, but if it seems heavy, the springs could be worn out.

You Notice the Garage Door Closing Without Warning

The garage door's opening and closing are controlled by the garage door springs. They should keep the door in place when you open it. If you realize that the garage door closes suddenly, the springs may be broken. This issue should be dealt with quickly to avoid accidents.

You Notice Excessive Squeaking

It's normal for your garage door to squeak. However, loud creaking indicates that your garage door springs are broken. One way you can minimize squeaking is by applying a lubricant. If this doesn't solve the problem, your springs are worn out. In this case, you should replace the springs.

In Closing

Signs that your garage door springs need to be repaired or replaced will depend on whether they are torsion or extension springs. You should be keen on the above signs to avoid accidents and unnecessary damage. A garage door spring repair expert knows the difference between the two types of springs and will help you resolve these issues completely. 

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