Signs Your Garage Door Springs Need Some Attention

Of all the parts that really make your garage doors function well, the springs are perhaps the trickiest to deal with. These metal marvels should last a long time, but if something goes wrong and you try to fix the springs yourself, you could end up injured. Granted, some repairs are minor and OK for most homeowners to do, but overall, if you've noticed any strange goings-on with your garage door springs, it's a sign you need to call a repair company.

The Obvious Rust, Sounds, and Rough Movement

With constant, proper care, you should be able to avoid seeing your garage door springs fill with rust or start to creak. But even the best care doesn't always prevent a little from sneaking in. If you start to see rust on the springs, hear scary sounds as the door opens and closes, or notice rougher movement of the door than normal, have a repair company check out the springs and tracks. It could be simple; maybe the springs just need a little lubrication. But don't assume anything and don't take a chance. A professional evaluation is the safest way to determine if the springs are OK.

Odd Gaps

Those springs should look like springs -- coils of metal that stretch and rebound relatively smoothly. If you notice that the coils of the springs have some gaps between them that are bigger than others, so that the spacing between the coils seems uneven, call a repair company. Those should not be stretching and remaining stretched, especially in an uneven pattern. Something is pulling on the springs, and you need to find it.

The Weather Can't Make up Its Mind

If you're in an area where the weather constantly swings from cold to warm, damp to dry, within a short time frame like a day or less (e.g., damp fog in the morning and dry, sunny afternoons), that can cause metal and rubber to deteriorate more quickly. In this case, it's not so much what you see and hear on or from the springs as it is noticing how the weather is behaving, and getting someone to look at the springs once in a while to verify that they're doing fine despite the weather. That can be frustrating, but if you just schedule an appointment for an inspection every few months, you should be fine. Normally you might need an inspection once a year, but if your area's weather is unpredictable like that, you'll need to arrange for help a little more often.

Your garage door springs deserve a lot of care and attention, so if you hear or see anything odd, it's time for someone to take a look. Hopefully all that happens is that the person inspecting the springs doesn't need to do much to fix them at all. Visit sites like for more information.