3 Tips For An Easier Garage Door Installation

If your existing garage door has broken down for the last time and you are finally ready to obtain a new one, installing a new unit isn't always easy. However, if you have opted to install the new garage door as a DIY project, there are a few tips that might not make their way into the directions from the manufacturer. Therefore, you are likely to benefit enormously from the information shared below:

#1-Make Sure That The Door You Choose Has Adequate Weatherstripping

Since garage doors often come without insulation, it's best to choose a unit that is protected from the elements in other ways. One example of that is weather stripping, and if the unit you have does not already have it, you should plan to provide that. Otherwise, you will undoubtedly be uncomfortable in the garage throughout much of the year, especially if you have an air conditioner or heater in the garage.

There are many such products that you can buy as an add-on to your existing door. Your garage door expert should be able to make appropriate recommendations if you have trouble choosing one option over another. 

#2-Verify That The Existing Tracks For Your Door Are Not Warped And Are Fully Functional 

It is important to note that if your old door gave you extensive problems for an extended period of time and you found that you needed to force it to move up and down as it should, it is possible that the tracks are now impaired in some way. As a result, you might need to remove or replace some sections. You can verify that information by using a measuring tape to determine both the angle and precision of the existing unit.

#3- Be Sure Of Where The Control Boxes Should Go

Closely determine the most appropriate place to install the remote box for controlling the new unit's movement. For instance, many people opt to place it beside the main door, but you might find that installing it near your work area is a better option. In addition, some units permit more than one box to be installed, which could be particularly useful if there are multiple drivers or users in the home.      

In conclusion, installing a new garage door is a common DIY project for many homeowners, but that doesn't mean that doing so is easy. As a result, it's a good idea to be familiar with the tips shared above. 

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