Garage Door Issues That Can Cause Squeaking Noises To Develop

A squeaky garage door is not only annoying, the noises can signify that a serious issue has developed. If you have used a lubricating spray to try to resolve the issue without a great deal of luck, then keep reading to learn what the issue may be and how you or your professional can complete a fix.

Worn Rollers

Squeaking and banging noises are often associated with worn rollers that are in need of replacement. The vast majority of garage door rollers have sealed bearings that cannot be lubricated. The lubrication inside the bearings ages over time and the bearings start to wear down as a result. Also, many rollers are made from rubber materials that form crevices and cracks after years of use. The uneven rollers can create a great deal of noise as the garage door is opened and closed. 

Take a look at your rollers to see if they are the sealed type. If the center part of the roller looks like a solid metal cap, then it is sealed. If you can see a circular ring with an open space in the middle, then the bearing is opened. If you notice open bearing, then use a small amount of lithium grease on each one to see if this reduces the noise. 

If the bearings are closed, then replace the rollers. You can remove and replace rollers, one by one or you can have a professional complete the job. If you think you can handle it yourself, then consider purchasing nylon rollers with open bearings to replace rubber ones. These rollers last much longer and you will have the opportunity to lubricate bearings when there is a need.

Spring Wear

Garage doors have springs attached to the horizontal rail. Some springs are also attached above the rail and perpendicular to it. This depends on whether there are torsion or extension springs that help to raise and lower the door. These springs can lose their stainless coating over time and begin to rust. Rusty rings can started to squeal and they may even snap if rust eats through them. 

If you notice that your garage door drops suddenly when closing, opens slowly, or if it sometimes will not open or close at all, then these are all signs that the springs are starting to wear. If a worn spring suddenly breaks, then all the held kinetic energy can be released. This can cause an injury or damage to your vehicle or garage door. 

If you notice spring issues, then this requires professional assistance. If you want to prevent a serious spring break issue, then consider leaving your garage door either in the open or closed position until the expert can take a look. Contact a repair company, like Garage Door Pros, for more help.