Simultaneous Open Sesame? How to Get Your Security Gates & Garage Door to Open Together

A device for this, a device for that; it drives people crazy when they have to have separate controls and separate devices to control simple things. Take security gates and garage doors, for example. If you have both, you probably have a remote for the gates and another remote for the garage door. Why can you not have a remote that controls both? Actually, in a way, you can. 

Syncing the Signals

The biggest part of getting both your security gates and garage door to open simultaneously is to sync the wireless signals. When both the receivers on the gates and the garage door receive the same signal at the same frequency, they can open together. Ask your security company to get a garage door opener and a gate set that operates on the same signal.

Wiring the Gates to the Garage Door

Undoubtedly, if you have security gates, you probably have a long driveway up to the garage. When your garage is close to the gates, it can pick up on the signal at the gate, but when your garage is farther away from the gate, you need to get the signal to the garage door opener. There are a couple of ways you can do this.

  1. Run a connecting wire from the gatehouse control panel to the garage door opener—This may be buried underground along the length of the driveway and the distance between the gatehouse control panel and the garage door opener.
  2. Utilize a frequency booster that maximizes the signal from your in-car remote to the gatehouse control panel and then to the garage door opener—If your security gate company does not have something like this, you may need to call in a tech expert with the parts and the know-how.

Most people in a similar position opt for #2, since it does not involve digging up the property to bury some wires or hanging wires from a pole to the garage. It is aesthetically more pleasing to use a frequency booster.

Remembering Not to Close the Gates Until You Have Entered the Garage

When you sync the opening of the security gates to your garage door opener, you have to remember that closing the gates also closes the garage door. For that reason, do not hit the button on our remote to close the gates until you are safely inside your garage. You can always use security cameras to verify that another car or someone on foot did not sneak through the gates while you were on your way up the drive.