How To Keep Your Garage Door Working Great

Are you a homeowner with an automatic garage door? You may be looking for ways maintain it so that it will last for many years to come. Here are some tips for keeping the door in great condition, which involves routine maintenance you may not be aware that you need to do.

Inspect The Door's Sensors

Your home's garage door will have sensors that can prevent the door from working if they are not functioning properly. These sensors often go unnoticed until they are not working, and then you'll be in a panic trying to figure out what is wrong. By ignoring them, something as simple as dirt and debris can collect on the sensor's lenses, making it think that something is obstructing the path of the door and prevent it from automatically closing.

All you need to do is use a rag that is damp to wipe down each lens. If the lens is particularly dirty, you can clean it using mild detergent by letting it sit on the lens for a few minutes before wiping it off. Use a towel to dry each lens, which will prevent water from getting into the sensor.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Your home's garage door could develop a squeak when opening and closing it. That's why it helps to lubricate any moving parts that could be causing the problem. You want to use a lubricant that does not leave behind a sticky residue, because it could cause the moving parts and the tracks to collect dirt and debris over time. This will eventually cause another problem, such as the castors not being able to move smoothly over the track.

Purchase a lubricant from your local home improvement store that is designed specifically for garage door parts. It should come in aerosol form, which makes it easy to apply. Spray it on the rollers, springs, latches, tracks, and hinges. It will dry quickly, so there is no need to wipe off excess solution. This lubricant will prevent parts from corroding or rusting.

Balance The Door

Your door may be automatic, but you should still verify that it is properly balanced. If not, too much weight could be put on the motor, which will cause it to wear down prematurely. Disconnect the garage door and try lifting it up and letting go. The door should be easy to lift, and not drop when you release your hands from the door. If there are problems, hire a professional to come balance the garage door for you.