Reasons to Stormproof Your Garage Door

When you're looking at brand-new garage doors, considering their storm worthiness is a great idea. Here are some reasons that stormproofing is an important factor to consider as you shop.

It May Be Required

Some government authorities require that you stormproof your garage door. If you live in an area that is prone to high winds, your garage door can be a huge hazard if it blows off and hits another person's property or another person at a high velocity. Check with your municipality before buying a garage door to see if they have any requirements on the minimum miles per hour of wind that the garage door should be able to withstand. 

You Can Prevent House Damage

Securing your garage door in place is not only good for the neighbors. You could be looking at a lot of home damage if the garage door hits your house during a storm. Dented or broken siding and broken windows are two problems that come to mind easily. The garage door may also simply scrape along the house and leave streaks behind. 

You Can Prevent Damage to Your Belongings

A broken garage door also leaves your garage items vulnerable to wind damage or blowing away. Aside from high winds, heavy rain can seep under a door that isn't stormproofed and damage storage boxes and other goods. 

You May Save Money on Insurance

With all of the hazards mentioned above, it may not be a surprise that some home-insurance companies offer you a discount if your door is correctly stormproofed. This is especially true when you live in a storm-prone area. Look at your home insurance policy, because it may specify a certain wind strength for the door. 

There are Plenty of Options to Choose From

Another reason to stormproof your garage door is that stormproofing methods come in many formats. You have the option to simply use a bracing kit to provide additional support for the door you choose. Another option is to use a fabric stormproofing kit that fastens down around your door, which adds only a little bit of cost and installation time to your garage-door installation. Some people opt to have an entirely separate stormproofing door installed that they can put down only in cases of inclement weather. Speak with your garage-door specialist to see what the best options are for you based on your budget and your aesthetic preferences.